I have been able to watch videos at 2x or even 3.3x speed for years now, but I didn’t start this way. I give you my method to ramp up, as well as my main takeaways.

In this new era of lifelong learning, keeping on your education after you graduate is a desirable habit to have.

My favorite vector for learning is video, but video can be very time-consuming…

What if we could watch videos faster?

Oh, wait… We can.

It’s unpleasant at first be we…

Do you sometimes get anxious you are not doing the right things for your future? That you are on the wrong track? In this article, discover a step-by-step method to gain clarity and insights.

First of All, There’s No Shortcut to the Roads of Your Dreams, but There Might Be Dead-Ends

Often, I look at my life and wonder where I am heading, and nowadays, when I do the maths, I know I am heading in the right direction.

But it was not always the case.

I used to only have ambition and nothing else to show alongside it.

  • No marketable…

Here’s why: because it will teach you the most important skills you need to create a 1 Million dollar business from scratch.

When I was in engineering school, I was working as a bartender to make the ends meet.

I was working nights and as I was working to save money, I didn’t indulge myself in paying for a cab after every shift.

Of course, the subway was closed after 2 AM…

This actionable two-phases strategy may help you save a day otherwise wasted. You will be able to immediately apply it after reading, even if you think you are stuck in a rut.

Do you ever feel blurry?

Like you are not quite in the world today, but more like on the side of it, contemplating rather than acting.

Like today is not the day where you conquer the world. More like the day where you are stuck on scrolling and kinda liking it.

You know that there’s…

Let me tell you a story from the dawn of humankind.

It’s a story about a fire. The Fire.

It happened roughly three hundred thousand years ago…

Well… A long long time ago.

At the time humans didn’t know how to create fire from scratch, but they slowly learned how to use it.

Maybe this domesticated fire originated from exposed lava…

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Aidez une asso bénévole à aider les Nations Unies

School of AI (abrégée SoAI) est une association mondiale à but non lucratif créée par Siraj Raval. Elle est implantée dans plus de 400 villes à travers 80 pays…

Rémi Connesson

I use Roam + Notion along my way of building expertise in marketing and ML ops. You can tag along the journey here https://tinyletter.com/remiconnesson :)

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